Helpful questions


Q: How long do we keep images on file for?

A: We keep all images on our database for a maximum of 5 years from the date taken.


Q: Can my late order be returned to the school?

A: Once the deadline has been passed all orders are made via our website or over the telephone directly through Churchbury, and are only posted to home addresses


Q: Why are images on CD £30?

A: When purchasing images on CD you are also purchasing the printing rights to these images. This allows the customer to print the professional images however many times they wish.


Q: Why have my child's images not been edited for marks and spots?

A: Churchbury Photographic only edit images upon parents request, however this service is free for small blemishes.


Q: I've lost my order form and would like to order a photograph, how can i do this?

A: Your school are given a set of index prints with every photograph that was taken on the photographic day and their individual reference numbers. The parent should ask to see the index sheets to find the required images and their reference numbers. Once the references have been found they can be used online or over the phone.