Packages to suit every parent’s pocket – and generous commission for schools

From single mounted images for the mantelpiece to packages that the whole family can enjoy, we offer an extensive selection of buying options for parents, and an easy-to-use online ordering system. With all printing, proofing and packaging taking place in house at our Hertfordshire photo lab, quality service and a quality product are absolutely guaranteed.

Below is a list of our standard packages. To see what packages include, just click the ‘View Package’ button on your selected package.

If you can’t see the package you’re after, contact us now to find out if it’s something that we offer.

group packages

Package A

One 6x4 inch (15.2cm x10.2cm)
Eight 2x1½ inch (5.1cm x 3.8cm)
Two key rings

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Package B

One 8x6 inch (20.3cm x15.2cm)
Four 4x3 inch (10.2cm x7.6cm

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Package C

Two 8x6 inch (20.3cm x 15.2cm)
Two 6x4 inch (15.2cm x 20.2cm)

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Package D

Three 8x6 inch (20.3cm x 15.2cm)
Four 4x3 inch (10.2cm x 7.6cm)

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The Churchbury Collection

2 (10” x 8”) Colour & Black and White
2 (8” x 6”) Colour & Black and White
2 (6” x 4”) Colour & Black and White
1 (6” x 4”) Magnetic backed acrylic block

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Package E

Two 10x8 inch (25.4cm x 20.3cm)
Two 8x6 inch (20.3cm x 15.2cm)
Two 6x4 inch (15.2cm x 10.2cm)
Two 4x3 inch (10.2cm x 7.6cm)
Eight 2x1½ inch (5.1cm x 3.8cm)
Mini prints plus Two key rings

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photographs for all occasions

Class Groups

Traditional Group Photos. Available in sizes; 8x6 (20.3cm x 15.2cm) & 10x7 (25.4cm x 17.8cm), supplied in a mount. Year 6 Contemporary Panoramic Groups. Available in sizes; 24x8 inch (61cm x 20.3cm) 17x6 inch (43.2cm x 15.2cm) supplied in a scroll.

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Year Groups

Available is size 12½ x 5 inch (31.7cm x 12.7 cm) in a mount.

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Sports Teams

Available in sizes 8x6 inch (20.3cm x 15.2cm) and 10x7 inch (25.4cm x 17.8cm). Both available in a mount.

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Whole School

Available as panoramic view in a scroll, folder or frame, sized 17x8 inch (43.2cm x 20.3cm) in a mount.

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individual photographs and merchandise

Individual Photographs

Various sized pictures available in colour and black and white.

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